Northeastern students will have to test negative on three coronavirus tests over five days before being allowed to physically attend classes

Northeastern today announced specifics of its Covid-19 plan for this fall, and it starts with an immediate Covid-19 test and then a trek to their rooms to await the results.

The requirement applies to all students, even if they’re coming from states Gov. Baker says are exempt from the state’s quarantine rule – other New England states, New York, New Jersey and Hawaii – as well as to students coming to Boston who plan to live off campus.

Students who test negative on the first test will be immediately allowed out of Husky quarantine but won’t be allowed to attend classes in person until after they get negative results back on tests on their third and fifth days. Students who test positive will be required to hole up in quarantine for two weeks, taking all classes remotely. Those with on-campus housing will get meals delivered to their door; all quarantined students are supposed to forswear any visitors.

After their arrival, during the five days in which they will have their three coronavirus tests, students who live on campus will be able to go outside their rooms – while wearing a mask – for tasks such as picking up food, attending medical appointments, or sharing hall bathrooms and showers. …

Students living on campus who test positive for the coronavirus will be isolated and moved into special on-campus housing units with private bathrooms. Food will be delivered to them, and they will have case managers and clinical support on a daily basis.

The school will let students’ family members help them move in, but only up to the dormitory door – only students will be allowed in to the residence buildings.

Anyone else helping them move in will need to stay within the area where they unload their vehicles. At that point, university employees will help the students move into their rooms.

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