Man with long record arrested while browsing in Roxbury bookstore with a loaded gun, police say

Boston Police report arresting Tyrone Gofofrth on gun and drug charges inside Frugal Bookstore, 57 Warren St. in Nubian Square, Friday afternoon.

Police say officers went to the store after getting a call that there was somebody inside with a gun around 12:30 p.m.

The male appeared to be extremely nervous. Due to the nature of the call and fearing the male may be in possession of a firearm, officers conducted a frisk and subsequently located a black Sig Sauer P938 loaded with five rounds of live ammunition, which had been inside of the suspect’s rear pants pocket. Additionally, officers recovered approximately fifty-six grams of crack cocaine. The male was placed under arrest.

Goforth was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a loaded firearm on a public way, unlawful possession of ammunition and trafficking Class B drugs, police say. He was also charged as a Level 3 armed career criminal, which could mean a longer sentence if he’s convicted on the other charges.

Goforth has a record dating to at least 1999 that includes arrests and convictions for armed robbery, cocaine distribution and domestic violence.

Innocent, etc.

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