Former police-union president charged with raping girl over five years

I don’t know Patrick Rose and if he is guilty, he should receive the maximum sentence.

As always, it’s dangerous to rush to judgment, especially in cases involving a child accusing a known figure (relative, teacher, coach) years after the fact. In most stale cases, there is no physical evidence, video or paper trail. One’s word vs the other. Recall the lessons of the infamous 1980s McMartin Preschool case that lasted seven years and cost $15 million. At that time, it was the longest and most expensive criminal case in the history of the United States legal system which ultimately resulted in no convictions. During the trial, children discussed traveling in a (non-existent) hot-air balloon, being flushed down the toilet and emerging “on the other side” and one child even picked actor Chuck Norris as his attacker even though Norris had absolutely no connection to any of it. Localy, we had the disastrous handling of the Fells Acres Day Care case and accusations against the Amirault family, so badly botched it probably cost Martha Coakley a US Senate seat.

Now more than ever, the media has shown their distaste for the police and enthusiasm for defunding them. True or not, this story fits conveniently into the “blue lives bad” narrative. As UHub always notes, innocent etc. (until proven guilty.)

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