Probably a good reason why the Postal Service has started hauling away mailboxes from Brighton to Gloucester

The Blank Check Kid spotted these mailboxes being hauled away on Washington Street in Brighton Center around 4 p.m. today.

Now, once, we might have assumed there was a good, perfectly legitimate reason, like they’re replacing the old boxes, which were prone to mail theft with newer, more secure boxes. In fact, that’s what the Postal Service told WCVB.

But with a president who admits he will fight efforts to help ensure mail-in ballots get delivered and with news that the Postal Service is deactivating mail-sorting machines like nobody’s business? Who knows.

US Rep. Seth Moulton reports he’s gotten similar photos from constituents in Gloucester:

My office has spoken with the Postmaster. The Postmaster assured us that all but one of the removed boxes in Gloucester will be replaced with more secure boxes. I can understand everyone’s concern given the recent reporting about other cities and the president’s comments this week. I will continue monitoring this and fighting to protect the postal service and our elections.

Meanwhile, back in Brighton:

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