If you see protesters at Faneuil Hall Marketplace on Saturday, they will not be what they appear

Peoplle with #saveourchildren signs? They’re QAnon’ers i.e. Trump supporters who want to “save” children who don’t exist from basements under pizza places that don’t actually have basements to keep Tom Hanks and Hillary Clinton from ripping out their precious little adrenal glands. Yes, they walk among us even here in Boston.

No, the staff here at the UHub mountain fortress have not been drinking, but perhaps we should start.

These cultists, who also believed John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive, and one of whom allegedly went on a bender and started smashing her car repeatedly into other peope’s cars because she was convinced they were pedophiles, has absolutely nothing to do with the real Save the Children, which has been working to save actual children for more than 100 years.


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