Next car to Bass Point

Looking northbound on Tremont Street, from the corner of Eliot Street (which is now called Stuart Street), circa 1897, with subway construction underway.

The giveaway is the view of the Common in the background.

The sign for “262 & 264 W[ashington St.]” is misleading because it’s an advertisement for something that’s a few blocks away. And only part of the ad is still visible, since the building it’s painted on is under demolition, to make way for the Hotel Touraine. The Touraine opened in 1898 and still stands at the corner of Tremont and Boylston today.

The car is not going to Bass Point (Nahant), but it will take you to a wharf where you can get a steamship to Nahant.

I think that one of the buildings on the right is still there, across from the Majestic Theatre.

I can’t identify the steeple that peeks up over the buildings in the center.

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