Site tracks public data about police officers in Boston

The Woke Windows Project has collected BPD data that includes information on incident and disciplinary reports, salaries and even traffic citations and keyed them all to specific BPD officers.

Nathan Story and Jacob Lurye, the software engineers running the site, explain the reasoning behind the open-source project:

We collect data from public sources. We combine these data to form inter-linked reports and tables that give every individual the ability to understand policing in their community.

Our focus at this time is on The Boston Police Department, because the activites of our local police have the greatest immediate impact on our lives.

Some of the data, such as reports on incidents to which BPD responds, come from sources that are updated daily. Others, such as reports on “field intelligence observations,” however, are only released periodically, for example, after a city councilor subpoenas them.


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