Original Anna’s Taqueria closes

I feel this one more than I have most of the other closures, I think. I’ve been going to Anna’s for at least 21 years.
Still, if things are tight for them that they’d consider closing any location, closing this location may be the way to go, It’s walking distance to their Harvard St location, so they still have most of that market covered. Their other locations are spread out. The Beacon St location is smaller than Harvard St (even after they more than doubled seating at Beacon by getting the adjoining shopfront). The other consideration would be what the situation was there for mortgage or rent.

I will add that if they want to boost their business, they would do well to go back to their old salsa recipe. 15, 20 years ago, it was very nice – for quite a while now just ordinary.
Also back to their old quesadillas. Yeah, I like their hearty-sized quesedilla these days, but they’re a little too round and rolled – they fall open when you’re trying to eat them. Would gladly give up a little filling for them to fold them to an overlapped seal like they used to.


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