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Dr. Fagan will be providing psychotherapy exclusively over telehealth for the foreseeable future. Over the years, the Psychology Clinic has supported clinical practicum needs, graduate class requirements, کلیک کنید and research projects of many students and faculty in the Department of Psychology. These openings vary and are based on the training needs of our students. 208. Our new and tasteful office space with modern technology that promotes training with privacy now offers us an opportunity to serve even more people with their important mental health needs. Postgraduate psychology students have an opportunity to work with people with a range of health and mental health concerns across the lifespan and learn to work collaboratively with other health professionals involved in an individual’s care. Graduate students provide services under the direct supervision of program faculty and clinical associates as part of practicum courses and experiences, as well as supervised assistantships. Graduate students provide psychological services under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. In the clinic, graduate students enrolled in the Clinical and Counseling PhD program (click here for more information about the graduate program) receive supervised experience while providing psychological services to the citizens of the Mobile area. The University of Washington’s Psychological Services and Training Center (The Clinic) provides psychotherapy and psychological assessment to residents of the Seattle metropolitan area, including University of Washington students and their families. This group of clinic directors, dedicated faculty, and select students work together to continually enhance and refine the services provided to clients and the training received by students. The Psychology Clinic is a training and research center that provides psychotherapy and assessment services to the University, Lubbock and neighboring communities. As part of the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University, the Clinic functions as a training center for the Ph.D. The center is accessible to individuals with a physical disability. Services are available to individuals throughout the community.


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