How ya gonna keep 'em down in the dorm? Outbreaks at North Carolina university raise questions

By adamg on Tue, 08/18/2020 - 11:32am The News&Observer reports how the University of North Carolina

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The News&Observer reports how the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill went back to online learning after just a week due to Covid-19 outbreaks on campus. Yeah, not Boston at all, but given all the precautions local colleges are taking, let's consider this quote from the college provost about how none of the cases seem to be linked to academic buildings:

What we have found is that most of the transmissions have been within the social sphere of campus life, and that has been really challenging for us to manage and to hold people to the level of accountability that we probably needed to.

In other words, students returned and went to parties.

Boston College says it will be hiring BPD details to break up off-campus weekend parties, but two city councilors representing the student-dense neighborhoods of Allston/Brighton, Fenway and Mission Hill have pleaded with local schools to not let students return to campus this fall because, well, you know how students are.


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